Fuel Usage during Arctic Freeze -- New England December 24, 2017 – January 8, 2018

Note the large gray region in the middle of graph when Oil usage increased. This during reduced Natural Gas usage, reduced Imports, dropping Temperatures, and increased Load.

Temperatures drop and Demand/Load increases.

The gap below the SYS_LOAD (System Load) is Net Imports. Produced 08/24/2022 by Warren Van Wyck

Any Fuel Type may be 'clicked' to hide/display in the graph. This graph produced November 2021 by Warren Van Wyck from ISO NE spreadsheets.

Reduced Imports

HQ_P1_P2 is the High Voltage DC line from HydroQuebec to Boston suburb Ayer.

Produced 08/25/2022 by Warren Van Wyck
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